Friday, 3 January 2014



  1. How is The Belle of Amerhst acted by Julie Harris?

    Also, I read the Ecclesiastes with my fiance. I've been reading a lot of stuff with her like the Kodo Sodowaki piece and a little bit of The Work of This Moment alongside J. Krishnamurti. We also watched The Mirror and other stuff.

    1. very very sensible to help extend your fiancé's horizons like that !

      don't forget she is her own person and interests will differ and help her to find that !

      she might like to try her hand at writing poetry or keeping a diary if she doesn't already, it's the practical doing side.............. !

      I don't feel the belle of Amherst is on target and in fact is a bit dated and there's been a lot of new autobiographical information about her since 1976 when the play opened !

      she really was very very autistic, it's a different paradigm !

      plus a more complicated life than seems with her affair with her brother's wife really creating a lot of flow on difficulties in the Dickinson family life !

      interestingly her garden was famous locally !


      the belle of Amherst acted by Julie harris

  2. Sepehr you remind me of my cat. Sometimes she leaves the house and comes back hours after with a dead mouse ... the mouse on my kitchen floor she looks at me as if proud of her catch

    1. are you an academic !? frothing at the arsehole because anybody is more widely read than you, the man so wilfully blind ?

    2. Interestingly enough, I am a big cat person. I've spent a lot of time helping local humane societies, for example.

      I am not much of a dog person.

      I currently have 2 furbabies I love dearly.

      I really appreciate you comparing me to a cat, for they are truly infinite and divine.

    3. A faithful disciple.

      When you're gone, Andrew, you'll have someone left behind to say "thus have I heard".

      Who doesn't love a little hagiography?

    4. don't worry about others dave, sort yourself out, you are not making progress !

    5. I'm not widely read.

      You defend those who praise you and attack those who criticize you; indirect narcissism.

      The measure of greatness is how much one is able to let go of narcissism. How much one is able to let go of oneself.

    6. zakaj, why do you have an opinion when you are so fucking ignorant ! :o(

      all your efforts are to spill some religious bullshit or other that you have learnt and don't have an original thought in you ! :o(

      who is it that lets go of narcissism or oneself ! :o)(

      if you are so keen on greatness then be great and give us god or buddhas words not christian or Buddhist turge !

      if you are beyond greatness give us your own ! :o()

    7. no one but a slave
      appreciates violent men
      only those who are
      themselves godlike
      believe in the gods

    8. a slave does not appreciate violent men and those who are godlike are fooling themselves !

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